15+ Best Free MP3 Music Download Apps for Android 2016

Best Free Music Download Android Apps

15+ Best Free mp3 Music Downloading Android Apps

Free mp3 music download apps are something that every music lover care about. For some music is passion and for some it’s life. Earlier we’ve already share list of best movies streaming websites for your entertainment as well as free proxy server sites list for accessing blocked websites easily.

Listening to good music is one of the best ways to feel relax and stay free from stress and depression. According to a study, Music reduces stress levels by a great percentage.

Even when there were only radios available, people used to stream and listen to their favorite music for hours. The majority of people still does the same; only the method has changed in some years. People are slowly moving from listening music on radios and TVs to streaming music on the internet for free and downloading free mp3 music.

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Free Music Downloading had always remained a topic of keen interest as everyone wants to download, store and listen to their favorite mp3 songs anywhere and anytime.

But, the biggest problem they face is that they don’t know where to download free music.

In this article, we’re going to share the list of best free mp3 music downloading apps for the Android platform including the top ten mp3 download Android apps as well as few other good android apps to download free music.

We’ve also shared a list of best free mp3 music downloading websites as well. Do check that out.

Free MP3 Music Downloading Apps for Android

We have arranged a list of good music mp3 download sites where you can get your favorite songs online for free. After going through the below list, you can switch to any of the websites and start downloading your favorite mp3 songs online right away unlike searching for movies on peer to peer download sites and ultimately getting blocked or fined by your ISP.

There are many advantages of free music downloading apps, but the one I like the most is that you can store huge amount of mp3 songs for free as the Android devices nowadays are packed with huge storage capacity which let them enjoy their favorite music without any internet connection at any time and place.

N.B. Before we move further to the list of best music streaming websites, let me tell you a few important things. There are plenty of music apps for android who claim to give you free music downloading option legally. But, majority of such android apps are either spam and offer nothing or supports piracy and provide pirated content.

This is why we have collected the list of best android apps for free music downloads. The apps below are categorized in the order of the usefulness though that doesn’t mean the apps listed at the bottom are useless or crap.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the best music download apps.

Top 5 Best Music Downloader Android Apps

So, below is the list of top 15+ free music downloading apps including top the top 10 mp3 downloading applications. Do check out all of them and choose the one you find the best.

1. 4shared Music – Best App for Free Music Downloads

free mp3 music downloader android apps4shared Music is the best free music downloader app and hence we’ve kept it at the top of our list. The best thing about the 4shared music app is that it has a huge collection of free music with over 6 million tracks available to download. Yes, you’re allowed to download 6 million sound tracks for free with no additional hidden charges.

Unlike other free music download apps, 4shared music gives you the ability to search your favorite sound track from the huge database of the 4shared app. It also allows you to sort your songs through filters. Along with that, it automatically filters the mp3 files for you to download.

4shared music gives you 15Gb of free cloud storage where every soundtrack you download gets added automatically. This saves your time from browsing the songs again and again if you delete the track by mistake or have to switch the phones. Downloading the free music tracks, again and again, are just a few taps away.

If you want to try the 4shared music Android app, click here to download it from the play store.

2. Music Maniac App – Free Music Downloader App

music-maniac-mp3-downloader-android-appMusic Maniac App is another free music download app for android, which allows you to download music for free. It also has a huge collection of millions of songs that are available to download for free, alike 4shared music app.

Music maniac android app gives you the ability to search favorite songs as the music has been classified into different genres and categories making it easier to find your favorite songs without many efforts. All you have to do is to go through the list of the available list of songs, select your favorite music and download it right away to your android device for free!

The best part of this app is that it has millions of free songs to choose from, as well as all the available soundtracks, are 100% genuine and doesn’t support privacy in any manner letting you download free music legally.

Music Maniac app is initially a free android app, but you can go for the music manic pro for android for more amazing additional features.

If you want to try the Music Maniac Android app, click here to download it.

3. Google Play Music

google-play-music-mp3-songs-download-android-appGoogle Play Music is one of the best android apps to download free music. It is kind of a Google’s marketplace to download free music on android, but the best part is that it regularly offers free songs and albums to you.

As we all know, that Google is the biggest company with continuous experiments in all fields, they have done a great work in providing free mp3 music for download to the music lovers. Not only it allows you to download free mp3 songs but also lets you enjoy songs when you’re not connected to the internet.

The best thing that I like about Google Play Music android app is that it makes smart recommendations based on your taste. This means that when you’re enjoying while listening to your favorite mp3 songs, google is continuously tracking which genre you like the most and sends you recommendations to download songs from the same genre.

If you want to try Google Play Music Android app, click here to download it.

4.Music Paradise Pro

music-paradise-pro-free-mp3-download-app-for-androidMusic Paradise Pro perfectly define its name. It is another great free music download android app that could be installed directly from the playstore. When you open the app for the first time, the very first thing that will show up is the color picker tool which allows you to set the app theme to your desired color palette. The same option is also available in the menu for the later use.

Once you’re into the music paradise pro dashboard, it will show all the songs available in your smartphone under different categories to choose from such as all music, artists, albums etc. It also shows you the recently played songs as well the songs you’ve marked as favorite. It also gives you an ability to create a new playlist.

When you head over to menu, you will find following options to choose from:

  • Scan media – This feature lets you scan all the audio files available on the device on a single click.
  • Play mode – This feature lets you decide how you want to play the songs. It has got 4 different options – list cycle, single cycle, order, shuffle.
  • Equalizer – You probably know what this thing is. It is a tool that lets you set the audio settings according to your choice.
  • Sleep – This feature lets you set a timer after which the music player will get automatically closed.

Apart from that, it comes with a built-in music player and a download manager that supports multiple download at a time and on the go!

If you want to try Music Paradise Pro, click here to download it.

5. Copyleft MP3 Downloader

copyleft-mp3-music-downloader-android-appCopyleft Mp3 downloader is a basic design free music downloader app that lets you download free music to your smartphone as well as allows you to listen and stream music online at the same time. The best part of this app is that it has no limits on streaming songs online that even for free. Copyleft mp3 downloader is a free android app that could be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Playstore.

Like other music download or streaming apps, it also has a search option that makes finding your favorite soundtrack a hell lot easier. Another good and premium feature of the copyleft mp3 downloader is instant suggestions on the basis of your taste. Like Music Paradise Pro, this android app also lets you create new playlists and add your favority mp3 songs to it for listening anytime and anywhere.

Along with that, this app lets you organize the songs & music available in your smartphone to organize into folders without even closing the app which is a really great feature. Copyleft gets a big thumbs up from our side.

If you want to try copyleft mp3 downloader, click here to download it.

Other Good Free mp3 Music Download Apps

6. GTunesMusic – Best Free Music Download App

7. MP3 Music Download Pro

8. Mp3 Music Downloader

9. RockMyRun – free music download app for android

10. Tunee Music Downloader – Free Music Downloads App

11. Omega Mp3 Download Free

12. Free MP3 Downloads

13. Advanced Download Manager

14. Super Cloud MP3 Downloader

15. Anghami

16. Rhapsody

17. Blur music download

18. Sound cloud

19. Mp3Skull

20. I tube music downloader

Final Words on Best Free Music Apps for Android

So, these were top 20 best apps to download mp3 music for free which allow you to stream music online without download or registration. I hope you’ve liked our collection of top 10 best free mp3 music download android apps of 2016. We will be updating this list time to time so that it don’t get obsolete. We’ve listed only those apps which we’ve personally tested, and you can also use to stream and download music online from any of your android devices.

Which app do you like the most? 

If you know some good mp3 music download apps that we forgot to mention, do let us know in the comment section below, and we will include it in our list.

Note: If you’re an owner of any such free mp3 music downloading apps and want me to feature it in our articles, you can contact us using the form on this page.

15+ Best Free MP3 Music Download Apps for Android 2016
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