Best Spanish Learning Apps & Games 2016

Best Spanish Learning Apps & Games

From a click away to a touch away, technology has come a long way. Having a Spanish tooth and owning a Smart Phone is all that you have to do to fluently speak Spanish in no time. And of course download the best suitable app for yourself. To guide you in that we have listed below are some of the best Spanish learning apps & games for both iPhone and Android.

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Best Spanish Learning Apps & Games 2016

1. Duolingo (Free)

Best app award winner 2013 in both, Google play store and App store, Duolingo works in different units, like education, work, medicine etc, the difficulty of which increases as the unit goes up. Tenses as one category and others (nouns, pronouns etc) as the second category are the two kinds of units. These units consist of not less than 10 subunits which have different word building and other language learning exercises including voice recording. And just to spice up things a bit, there is a feature wherein you can follow friends and compare their progress to yours. Approximately in 3-4 months, you will have finished all the lessons.

2. Memrise (Free)

The key purpose of this app is to make the users memorize as many words as possible. So the app works through distinct modules such as ‘learn basic Mexican Spanish’, ‘Advanced Spanish’ etc. You can learn around 15 new Spanish words per lesson in each module. The app adds a funny element to daily learning Spanish by using hilarious sentences.

3. FluentU (Free)

This one is a highly recommended app with pretty high ratings especially for those who are audio-visual learners as this app uses videos as their Spanish learning material. Videos such as music videos, Advertisement commercials, news shows, professional talks, sports etc. Through these videos, users learn the real world fluency of Spanish and can even acquire the native, personalized touch that it has to itself.

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4. SpeakEasy ($3.99)

This app is for the ‘on the go’ learners as it comes as a travel-friendly phrasebook once can carry anywhere and everywhere with himself. It has actual native recordings which can also be played in slow motion for easy grasping. The latest feature also includes learning Spanish through Flashcards. Thus, map out the world and well you could Spanish on the way too.

5. Rosetta Stone (Free for Trial account)

This app is not only the oldest in the language learning market but also the most different. This one does not teach Spanish through the English Translation Method but through Spanish itself just like a growing Spanish kid would learn.

6. Mosalingua ($4.99 for App Store and @5.99 for Google play store)

This app again majorly focuses on words and Spanish Vocab. It has around 3000 attractive words and phrases database to learn from which is more than enough since there is only 20 % of the language that you have to be thorough with to go about a day in the Spanish World. And also you needn’t worry about the word pronunciation skills as the app also has native recordings. It also hosts an amazing methodology to calculate the database of how many words depending on their difficulty level has one user learnt.


So, these were some of the best Spanish learning apps & games that you can download and learn to speak Spanish fluently for free.

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If you know any other apps or games to learn new languages, please share with us in the comment section down below. We would like to add them to our list.

Best Spanish Learning Apps & Games 2016
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