Top 5 Best Antivirus Software

Top 5 antivirus software

Everyone knows what an antivirus software do and their benefits. But I’ve seen people too much confused when choosing the right antivirus software for their PC. So in this post we will see how to wisely choose the best antivirus software among the giants as per our requirements.

NOTE:- We will only discuss about antivirus for windows platform

Are You Confused ?

People often ask me “What antivirus I should buy for my lappy ?” and I answer them according to how they are going to use that system. If you are a frequent user who loves to download stuffs (or Torrent user) and never miss any song, videos and movies then you might need a powerful antivirus. And if you are using you PC for learning (Excel, Presentation and other similar things) then a free one will also work for you. So now you know how the antivirus software varies (price too :P) as per the usage of system.

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Some Tips For You:

So to overcome the above confusion you should read the description mention below each antivirus. We’ve included all the useful info in each list with their pros and cons. So have patience and read them to avoid wasting you money on wrong thing. So let’s get started with the list of top 5 antivirus softwares

Top 5 Best Antivirus Softwares

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast being a free antivirus does more than any other free alternatives in this field. It is listed in top antivirus software with the rating of 4.5 by CNET and PCMag.com. Avast free antivirus scores really good in blocking malwares and adwares. Avast integrates with all the major browser and blocks the sites having malicious codes (protects from phishing). Updates are distributed evenly to make sure you are secure from even the new viruses and risks. Avast free antivirus comes with a Built-In password manager so you only have to remember one password(Limited). There are many other features like Boot-time scan, Full system scan, Rescue disk etc. However Full-system takes a lot of time to complete. There is lot more to explore about this fantastic software so download it right away and checkout its features.

This Free antivirus obviously comes with some limitations so if you want to get full access, you can upgrade to the paid one. There are lot of different products you can choose from.

2. K7 Antivirus Plus

K7 developed by K7 Computing is a fantastic paid antivirus. There are lots of versions available but we are talking about K7 Antivirus Plus. This also scored good but there are few cons too that can’t be ignored. But first, lets see it pros.

K7 is found good in blocking different types of malwares. Also it instantly scan for viruses and malwares as you insert any thumb drive or CD/DVD. Both the program and database updates are regular. There are lot more to explore in this and for that you can go here.

Despite of all its features, K7 lacks in blocking phishing sites. Some websites automatically start downloading malware into your PC and unfortunately K7 don’t protects you from this. However the file after downloading will be scanned.

Overall it is good for basic home use but not recommended for power users.

3. KasperSky Total Security

KasperSky is the boss in antivirus section for its excellent all round protection against all viruses and malwares. It gives you all round protection from all type of vulnerability to your PC and you files. It is Editor’s Choice on PCMag and got the rating of 4.5. There are many features which are not even listed like protection from a program that is not behaving well, On-Screen Keyboard to protect you from keyloggers and Browser extensions to protect you from various phishing attacks. Also it protects you from latest Amazon Phishing. KasperSky makes sure that the payment you are making online is secure and warns you if anything is not good. Kaspersky regularly update the list of blocked website to make sure you accidentally don’t land on wrong page. There are lots of other feature that you can see on official website.

4. BitDefender

BitDefender is another complete protection for your priceless files. Just like KasperSky, it protects yo from Online Fraud, Web Spam, Malwares and virus. BitDefender antivirus give you a file shredder to ensure that the file is completely deleted and cannot be retrieved back. You can keep your personal files safe with the File encryption comes with this antivirus. With its browser extension, you can freely surf the web without worrying about spam sites, phishing sites and fake shopping sites. Also it gives you a strong password manager to keep all your password and username in one safe place.

When it comes to the optimization of you PC performance, Startup Optimization and System tuneup can help you. By using Startup Optimization, you can control which app to run when computer starts. Blocking all unnecessary apps will result in faster computer. System tuneup takes care of PC health. It takes care of disk, duplicate files, unused files, clean registry and many other things. Overall Bitdefender is the perfect choice for both learners and power users.

5. QuickHeal Pro 17

QuickHeal is also a popular player of this game. With the feature like Task Cleaner, Multiple Scans, Anti-keylogger, Browser Sandbox it stands out of the crowd. The Anti malware scanner scans the system for any type of malware however PCMag’s lab report says that Quick Heal is not just perfect in blocking all types of malwares scanned. It doesn’t mean this is not good. It automatically scans the folder as you open and blocks all the abnormal activities.

With it’s browser sandbox, you can do anything and it will not affect your PC. The browser instance will be isolated and no changes will be saved. So you are always playing safe with browser sandbox.

There is a Anti keylogger which will not let the hackers steal your Passwords, Card Information and other vital information.

Final Words

You’re done going through our comprehensive guide and list of top 5 antivirus softwares, if you find this list of top 5 antivirus software is worth for a share feel free to do it. We have listed the popular ones only and looking forward to improve the list with their pros and cons. If you have suggestions regarding this then please let use know. Comment below if you likes this article. Stay tune for more stuffs.

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