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Watch Free News Online | Best News Websites 2016

Watch News Online on Best News Sites

News! Something we cannot live without. It has become an unremovable part of our life actually! The news is playing a vital role in our LIVES today and people are getting GREATLY influenced by the news . Is this a positive/negative development? News has gone through a significantly long history since its first appearance and is continuing to maintain its importance to humans. However, it is noticeable that people’s thoughts and comments are usually affected by their exposure to news.

Well, the days are gone when you have to get a newspaper to read the news. Now, everything has gone online, whether it is watching movies, playing games, listening songs and most important, reading NEWS! But, will you search each and every single website on the internet to read news online? Of course NOT. Here in this article, we will be sharing the TOP 5 Websites to read the news Online. All the websites that will be described below enable you to read news from all around the world and surely you’ll like the list . So, without any delay let us begin with the list of the TOP 5 Online News Websites.


1. Yahoo! News

Undoubtedly the most popular online News Website is Yahoo! news . There is no news that cannot be found on this website. Opening the website, first of all, you will see a Search Bar on the top to browse by any topic or news of any particular country or place. The sidebar on the left includes a lot of options that you can go through to check the news on different topics. The sidebar on the right displays the breaking news, updated almost every minute. Also, you will find the weather information and below that a widget to watch the News through videos. So, this site not only displays the news in the text format but also enables the users to watch videos related to any particular news. This website receives almost 175 Million Unique Monthly users!

2. Google News

It is obvious to see Google News in the top list as it is the number 1 search engine. Unfortunately not number one in this list! This website lets the users view the news from all across the world in the traditional Google Search Style. On the very top is obviously the well-known Search bar from which you can search almost everything. Below that you will find a couple of buttons through which you can change the language and the country whose news you want to read. The left sidebar displays the hottest and breaking news while the right one displays the most recent ones. Below that is the weather widget which displays the weather of any desired location.The whole interface is clean and simple. The Google News receives about 150 Million unique visitors per month!

3. The Huffington Post

Unlike the other news websites, this one has a very beautiful news layout without any sidebar stuff. This includes topics from BusinesNews to Politics, Tech to Entertainment, Lifestyle and much more! This website has been ranked among the top news websites and one of the solid reasons could be that it receives almost 100 Million Unique Visitors per Month. Incredible. Isn’t it?  In fact, I personally liked the One Page and clean interface.It gives the feeling as if we’re reading a newspaper!

4. CNN

A much popular news channel and also a very popular online news website. It features a minimal and clean interface and the whole interface is eye-catching. There are TOP Stories on the left sidebar and there is not right sidebar at all. This website includes topics like Money, Entertainment, Politics, Tech, Sports , Travel and much more. In fact, this website receives  about 95 Million Unique Visitors every month!

5. New York Times

This is actually the only site in the whole list that will give you a whole newspaper look while you’re browsing it.  On the top you’ll see a large heading of the site below which are different topics on which you can browse the news. Well, this website is very famous too as it receives about 70 Million Unique Visitors Every Month.

Well, this was the list of the TOP 5 Online News Websites you can browse through. We hope you will like this article. Do let us know via comments section 😀

Watch Free News Online | Best News Websites 2016
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